Best outdoor chaise lounge for your swimming pool

Having installed a swimming pool around your home, you will need some outdoor chaise lounges. Remember, you would want to get the best outdoor chaise lounge for increased comfort and relaxation. If you are looking to add a modern chaise lounge to your outdoor space, consider the Keter Pacific 2-Pack All-weather Adjustable Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge Furniture. A chaise lounge is long reclining chair that is long enough to support the legs. You might need some alternatives to traditional chairs and sofa, a modern chaise lounge should be the solution.

Should you be looking for the best outdoor chaise lounge, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our choice after doing a comprehensive research. We tried and tested over ten outdoor chaise lounges for the purpose of writing this review.

Best outdoor chaise lounge for your swimming pool

Keter Pacific 2-Pack All-weather Adjustable Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge Furniture

Reasons for choosing the Keter Pacific 2-Pack Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge Furniture as the best outdoor chaise lounge for your swimming pool:

There is a variety of colors to chose from. The colors are charcoal and oasis white- white brown & grey and whiskey brown.

This modern chaise lounge incorporates both modern styles and colors- making it a perfect addition to your swimming pool.

The chaise lounge comes in a two pack- most appropriate for a couple that wants to spend some time together outdoors. This could be around the swimming pool, patio or the garden.

The material is durable, and UV protected to prevent weather and sun damage. This will prolong the chaise lounge lifeline. Its ready to use as no assembling is required- there is no use of extra tools. It is like the ‘Plug and Play’ electronics, so easy to use.

They are lightweight, about 32.2 lbs and so easy to carry around or rearranging them.

They measure 77.6 by 29.5 by 15.9 inches.

The Keter Pacific 2-Pack Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge has four positions for reclining. The four adjustable back rest positions help to accommodate what you might be doing at a time.

For instance, sunbathing in the sun, reading or enjoying the company of your partner or friends. It’s also stackable for easy storage.

The collapsible legs and backrest make it easier to stack the chairs when you are not using them or planning to use them for a period of time, for instance during the winter season. By stacking them, you will be reducing the storage space that would be required.

The durable polypropylene resin with textured open-weave rattan design brings out the beautiful and elegant style that is easy to maintain as the the resin won’t peel, rust, decay or rot.

This means that they ‘virtually’ need no maintenance.

The Keter All Weather Adjustable Furniture is well designed for comfort.

The designers took into considerations the body contour. Therefore, its so relaxing when using the chaise lounge. You will feel comfortable lying down on the chaise lounge.

This modern chaise lounge is very comfortable even without a cushion. However, it’s always great idea adding a cushion to any lounge.

The budget of the chaise lounge is pocket friendly considering the quality of this outdoor furniture.

They are designed in a way that lets water through the molded wicker, preventing them from molding. You will never have to worry about water clogging on the surface.

The maximum weight that can be accommodated on this modern chaise lounge is 299.83 lbs. That’s quite a good weight accommodation.


Cleaning the patio furniture

What I like about this furniture is that they are so easy to clean even though they are hard and durable. Just like other home tools and furniture, you need to maintain and take care of your chaise lounge. This way, they will maintain the nice appealing look and extend their lifetime.

Acetic acid, made from mixing 1 cup of white vinegar with 5-7 quarts of water, is the only recommended cleaning agent for your plastic patio furniture.

Here’s how to go about cleaning a patio furniture;

To clean the furniture, remove the surface dirt by hosing down. Then with a sponge dipped in the cleaning agent, scrub away the surface. You might need a toothbrush to clean to access some spaces.

Dry the furniture after finishing the cleaning to prevent some stubborn water marks that might form.

Clean the patio furniture frequently. By doing this, the furniture will remain durable and beautiful.


Even though we’ve mainly focused on the outdoor use, these chaise lounge can be used indoors and in almost any room; from the living room, library to the bedroom. You can do what you like indoors with the use of a modern chaise lounge like taking a nap, reading your favorite books or magazines as well as watching a movie.

This modern chaise lounge will make the time spent outdoors worth every second.

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