Best manual log splitter for everyone

A manual wood splitter could be what you need if you’re on a budget constraint. Get a manual hydraulic log splitter if you want an economical way of cutting logs at your home. This way, you will save time and energy that would have been lost in the case of using an axe. Manual hydraulic splitters offer a mix of low maintenance, low price and reliability and can be used on hard wood and knots. We shall be discussing the best manual log splitter that’s suitable for everyone.

The manual hydraulic log splitter works by pumping the handles making the hydraulic piston to force the wood through the wedge- in turn splitting the wood. For the sake of writing this review, we spent long hours trying and testing different manual log splitters. The Snow Joe Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter stood out to be the best manual log splitter.

Best manual log splitter for everyone

Snow Joe Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Reasons for choosing Snow Joe Sun as the best manual log splitter:

The green hydraulic splitter has a very powerful ram that has the capability of building up to 10 tons of driving force.

This is achieved by the 2 speed pump.

There is no need for oil, gas or cords for the machine to operate.

The machine is durable from the steel construction. This makes the machine reliable in both performance and power for an extended period of time.

The log splitter has wheels that hep with portability.

However, the wheels work best on concrete and one might find it hard pulling them on grass and gravel.

They are lightweight and can be used for logs up to 18” long and 8” wide. Has a log cradle designed for the sole purpose of preventing the split wood from falling.

Has rear wheels that make it easy to transport if need be.

The compact size makes its storage easier. They do not occupy much storage space due to the fact that they can fold.

The log splitter has longer handles that provide maximum leverage and stability when using the manual splitter.

This also prevents back strain.

The piston rod with the turn of a knob, its possible to reset the ram return spring so quickly.

The splitter doesn’t make much noise that would disturb your neighbors.

On the downside, one thing that you might find not so appealing with this splitter is that, it can only cut up to 18”.


The following are some common problems for a manual log splitter

Oil leak. Oil leaks are common for hydraulic splitters, as they affect the hydraulic pressure and might tamper with how the machine works- by either overworking or reducing the ramming force. Prevent oil leaks by checking the seals and the bled valve.

Loss of driving force. Oil leak might cause the loss of driving force. Also, oil viscosity might be lost by cold weather, so it would be good to store the splitter in the garage to keep the oil warmer.

Log fails to split. Several reasons might prevent the splitter from performing. The splitter designed for softer trees might find the piece of wood so hard for it.

The wedge failing to cut. If the wedge has lost it sharpness, use a file to sharpen. However, make sure the machine is off before inspecting the wedge.

The log pusher jerking or vibrating. Mostly caused by the air presence in the hydraulic system.


Tips on using the log splitter

One tip to use is to split the wood when its dry as wet wood does not seem to split easily.

Even though the manual splitter is not as fast as the powered versions, they are effective enough.

The manual hydraulic log splitters will produce no smoke, but will need your hard work and energy to operate.

What to consider…

The type of manual log splitter needed will  depend on the amount of wood you need to split regularly. Here are some of the options that you might consider:

The splitting axe- hand held used to split wood pieces. the latest designs are lightweight, making it easier to swing the axe for hours without getting tired.

The slide- hammer manual splitter. Makes use of a wedge that is attached to a pole with a sliding hammer movement that pushes the wedge through the wood.

Alternatively, you can get a gas powered hydraulic splitter for your tasks. The type of the gas powered log splitter will depend from one homeowner to another. There are some people who will need to use the machine every weekend, others will use them multiple times a year and others do it as a profession.

Having seen the advantages of using a manual log splitter, we would like to know your experience using them for your wood and log splitting activities at home. In addition, let’s hear what you think about the best manual log splitter review in the comments section below.

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