Best led pool light for your swimming pool

Getting led lights for your spas and pools is a worthy investment that brings out the aesthetic pleasure of a pool.  For those still using the traditional incandescent lights for your pools, you might need to try out the led pool lights. Led lights are getting more and more popular for different reasons that will be discussed later in this article. The fact that the led lights consider the energy saving, most homeowners continue to install them to their new pools or replacing the incandescent lights already installed. For your pool lighting, you will need to have the best led pool light.

Having done our research that involved trying out different led pool lights, we believe the S.R. Smith FLED-C-TR-30 12V & 5W Treo LED Pool Light with Cord, 30′, Red/Blue/Green to be the best led light for pools, water features and spas.


Best led pool light for your swimming pool

S.R. Smith FLED-C-TR-30 12V & 5W Treo LED Pool Light with Cord, 30′, Red/Blue/Green

Reasons for having the S.R Smith LED Pool Light as the best led pool light:

The cord comes in different lengths- 30, 50, 80 and 150’

By connecting the pool light to a standard on and off controller, the light can produce six colors- red, blue, white, amber, green and magenta with a two color changing modes.

Comes with 4 colored trim rings to match the surface of the pool.

This led light can be used in new constructions and retrofit constructions.

For the fiberglass, gunite and vinyl liner pools, the led light works with a 1.5” diameter thread wall fitting.

This LED pool light operates on 5 Watt and 12 VAC.

The lamp design is easily replaceable.

When there is need to replace them, the process won’t demand too much from you.

Comes with a wireless remote that helps in controlling the four dimming settings.

Has up to 49 colors variations thanks to the advanced color functionality.

The short neck helps ease installation.

With the light evenly distributed, any end shadow effect is eliminated.

It doesn’t consume a lot of power so you will never worry about excessive energy bills.

With these amazing features, we believe the pricing is pocket-friendly.


What are some of the advantages of using LED lights in your pools:

The best led pool light have a digital control that brings out different visual effects. They produce different colors that might form rainbow effect and other color effects.

Led lights require low maintenance in the long run. These Led lights bulbs do not require frequent replacements.

Increased safetyWith the lights around the pool, you will be able to see the hard to spot areas. Stairs, decks and walkways will be well illuminated giving safety to your invited guests. In addition, lighting will provide required light which will help you monitor your young ones as they swim at night. Swimming in a lighted pool makes people feel safe. By improving the visibility of your pool, you’re able to enjoy your time outdoors with no fears.

Lighting your pool will set the mood for the entertainment as you host your family, friends or guests. By using vibrant color effects and bright light, you will be able to lift the mood of any event. The sparkling effects will lift the mood of the night.

LED lights are more energy efficient as compared to halogen lights for instance. The latter might be cheaper, but Led light are more energy efficient which will in turn help you save on the electricity bills.

For the pools without lighting, you’re limited to using it during the day. For the pools with LED lighting, you can use them even at night. You might need to exercise a little without distracting your day’s schedule. The lighting will help you relax as you enjoy yourself in water.

Led lights can last longer than the incandescent lights where a bulb can last 50, 000 hours which is by far more than what a halogen, CFL bulb or incandescent bulb can do.

If you want to illuminate your backyard features; fountains, spas, jets and watefalls, try the amazing features that the LED lights can provide.

Led lights bring out a visually appealing environment and an experience like no other.



Other types of pool lighting

If you have been wondering why you need led pool lighting, the above points should help you see the need for them. Apart from adding LED lights to your pool, you might as well consider the following:

Underwater lighting. This provides visibility to your pool interior. If you are watching your young ones, underground lighting will help a great deal.

Pool deck lighting. This means adding lights to the walkways and around the pool to improve the visual ability around.

Color changing lights. This is another option of adding lighting to your pool. These lights are programmed to change colors in a sequence and are mostly timed.

Having seen the various ways to light your pool, we would like to hear your thoughts in the comments section below and especially regarding our choice for the best led pool light.

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