Best lawn mower for steep hills that you should try

You all know the importance of having a neat compound with well kept grass. However, not all surfaces are even. You will find sloppy sections on your lawn. Using some type of lawn mower on hilly grounds could not help achieve the best results. You could get around this by installing artificial grass, but not everyone wants to go with this option for their outdoor space. That’s why I have looked for the best lawn mower for steep hills. The lawn mower can be used both at home and at the golf courses.

Best Lawn Mower For Steep Hills Review

Editor’s Choice: Troy Bilt TB330 lawn mower

The first on our list of the best lawn mower for steep hills is the Troy Bilt model. Troy Bilt TB lawn mower has a single lever variable speed drive control that is equipped with 4 top speed settings. Meaning you users can change the settings to suit their preferences.

This lawn mower can be used in uneven terrain with the 8’ rear wheels and 8’ front wheels. Getting a lawn mower that can withstand uneven ground can be hard, but this specific type have got you covered.

The 3-in-1 convertible mulching and cutting deck is designed to last long giving three options to select your desired cut for bagging, mulching or using side discharge.

It has 3-in -1 side discharge capabilities that comes with a rear bag with 1.9 bushel capacity bags or grass catcher.

The Troy Bilt TB330 lawn mower is powered by a 163cc Briggs and Stratton easy starting engine. The good thing is that no priming is required.


Snapper P2185020E / 7800982 HI VAC 190cc 

The height of the cut can easily be adjusted with the easy to use adjustment handles. After cutting, the grass is sucked for a clean finish. The rear-wheel drive improves walk-behind mower traction and the smooth-turn differential helps ensure easy maneuverability without damaging your grass.

The ready starting system ensures that it’s very easy to start the lawn mower.


WORX WG775 24V 14″ Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

This cordless model can cut up to 6,000 square feet with a single charge. The weight, at 33 pounds makes it easier to operate the model. The battery can easily be removed for charging. It comes with an easy to read battery power level indicator.

Has a push-button start switch.


Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower, Battery Not Included GLM801600

If you are looking for a lawn mower that can last up to 60 minutes with the fully charged 4.0AH battery and can last for a long time. With a push button, you can easily start mowing with less noise and less vibration.

From the fact that its cordless, you can use this riding mower far from the power source.


EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower – 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit

This model can last up to 90 minutes cut time with a 20. inch cut capacity. For easier storage, this model can easily be folded.

The construction is weather resistant and can last for a long time.



Best Riding Lawn Mower For Steep Hills

We can’t complete this review for the best lawn mower for steep hills without looking at the best riding lawn mower for steep hills.


Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

The Troy Bilt riding lawn mower is perfect for medium sized landscape and relatively even terrain. The lawn mower has a manual take off for fast and easy blade engagement. The powerful 382cc OHV engine is built to last and provide clean performance, with 18 inch turning radius.

In case you are wondering about comfort, the seat raises to mid-back and the steering wheel is a 13-inch soft grip wheel.

Husqvarna 960450057 GTH52XLS 24V Hydro Pedal Tractor Mower, 52″/Twin

If you are looking for a faster auto transmission riding lawn mower, this is your perfect model. For improved comfort, the adjustable high back seat has an arm rest.

For electric engagement of cutting blades, simply pull the switch. The convenient fender mounted deck lever is spring assisted for easy operation. 



Types of Lawn Mowers

Now that we have the best lawn mower for steep hills, what other types of lawn mowers do we have in the market? There are five common types of lawn mowers listed below.

Robotic mower

With the advancements in technology, home tools have not been left behind. Robotic mowers can do the job under no supervision. The mower is contained by a border wire. This border wire defines the area to be attended. For people who cannot find enough time for mowing their lawn for one reason or another, well they might consider these robotic mowers.

Robotic mowers can be used for large lawns.

Riding Lawn mower

Also known as ride-on lawn mowers, these mowers have a seat where a person can sit and control it. Some have manual transmission while others are fitted with hydrostatic transmission. The latter are easier to use and transmit greater moment of force to the wheels as compared to the manual transmission.

Riding lawn mowers have a higher risk of tipping over when mowing hills.

The original Push Reel mower

This is a simple machine where the gears spin a whorl of between 5 and 8 spiral shaped blades which pass by a stationary blade at the rear of the mower, this way two slice the blades if grass.  The mower is easy to safe and easy to use. It is quite while in use and the blades stop cutting when one stop pushing. However, these mowers cannot be used on a large or uneven lawn.

Zero Turn Mowers

They are best fit for larger lawns. The most significant characteristic of the zero turn mowers is the ability to make a turning of zero degrees using hydraulic speed. What this means is that the machine can be turned inside its own trajectory. They have independent power on the rear wheels and the machine is powered by two handles which act as its brakes as well.

Hover mowers

They use an impeller above the blades that push air downwards creating air cushion that lifts it above the ground. This way, it’s very easy to move the floating mower. They have an electric motor and plastic bodies. It would be very difficult to operate this type of mower in rough terrains or the edge of lawns. Mostly made for utilization in steep slopes, high weeded areas and waterfronts. These mowers are easy to manoeuvre and lightweight.

The walk behind power lawn mower

This type, which is very common in many homes can be either rotary or reel. Could be either electric or gas powered. Rotary are more popular than reel mowers for several reasons. One of them is they are cheaper with low maintenance cost. Another reason is that they can be used to cut tall swards.

You have to push the lawn mower forward and backyard in order to cut the grass.

Some mowers are fitted with collection bags that help with collecting the grass clippings.

While maintaining your lawn, it is advisable to keep cutting the grass often as long grass hinders the performance of any lawn mower.


What to consider when purchasing a lawn mower

What to consider when purchasing the best lawn mower for Steep Hills

The following are the major considerations that you will need to keep in mind. However, the most important one is the type of lawn. There are different mowers for different purposes. For example down the hills, between shrubs and trees, around flower beds or along the fences. The size, topography and shape will have a say with the type of mower needed.

Size of the Deck

The size of the deck will determine how easily it would be to manoeuvre a hilly terrain. For instance, a deck between 42 and 54 inches would be ideal for mowing an open yard but would not be good for a lawn with a narrow ditch.

Rear Wheel Drive

Rear wheel drive will provide a better traction on hills compared to an all-wheel drive or even the front wheel drive. The front wheel might be great for an even ground but not on a sloppy terrain.


Larger budget can get you the robotic mowers. Small budgets can limit the options you get when choosing a lawn mower.


A heavy walk behind mower could present to be strenuous when mowing a large hilly terrain since you will be using more of your effort. One of the best ways to tackle this is considering a powerful engine in a light mower.


Consider the features of a lawn mower before making the purchase. Some are gas powered, others electric.

Ease of operation

Choose a mower that will be easy for the user to operate. Features like cruise control make it easy and convenient to operate your mower.

Should you have any suggestions regarding our choice for the best lawn mower for steep hills, let us know through the comment section.

Safety Tips That You Should Observe When Mowing On a Steep Hill

As you are aware, mowing on a steep hill even using the best lawn mower for steep hills is not the easiest tasks when it comes to lawn maintenance. You need to understand that it can be dangerous as well. However, by observing some safety tips, you can make the experience less risky.

Ensure the mower is at maximum cut height

One of the things that might damage your lawn mower is scalping. In a bid to prevent this, keep the mower’s cut height as high as it can get. Move it down when mowing long grass.

Avoid mowing wet grass.

It would never be a good idea mowing your grass when wet. Wet grass poses a harder task when it comes to mowing; it might increase the likelihood of debris getting caught in your mower. This clogging might cause permanent damage in some cases. Apart from the dangers posed to the lawn mower, you might as well be in risk of slipping.

Mow up and down for riding mowers

The best idea when using riding mower is to mow up and down. I know you might be considering doing it side by side if you are used to using a push mower. The main reason why you should avoid this is because when mowing side by side using a riding mower, you might topple down the hill. Avoid these kind of accidents by doing it up and down the hill as opposed to side by side. The features of a riding mower including the weight and tire design will prevent the mower from flipping when you are doing it side by side.

Mow Side to side with push mowers

When using a push mower for your landscaping tasks, it is good to do it side to side. When moving up the hill, the mower might roll back down on you and you can easily get injured when you slip down under the motor. Alternatively, the push mower can speed down the hill and get away from you.


You will need the best lawn mower for steep hills to keep your lawn well-kept. When buying a lawn mower for steep hills, ensure that you do enough research to ensure that you get only the best.

Remember, most of these mowers are designed for open and flat terrains.  Before adding your product to your shopping cart, consider other factors like fuel efficiency.

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