Best garden cart for your Lawn DIY to buy

A garden cart helps with the work efficiency. You can imagine the number of trips that would be required to and fro if you needed to carry garden tools, soil and supplies from the garden? Well, a cart can accommodate all these thereby reducing the number of trips made. I think every homeowner or landscapers need a garden cart to save time. Therefore, it would be a good idea to carefully choose to get home with the best garden cart.

What to consider when buying a garden cart

The bed material

Can either be steel, polyethylene or plastic. Plastic carts are so light to carry around but can be easily damaged. Always keep a plastic cart in the shade when not using it. Steel carts are heavy but more durable. However, they can be used for a long time. Just like any other farm tool, you need to look after the carts.

Type of the wheel or tires

Plastic tires are common in carts designed to carry lighter loads. These carts with plastic tires are well suited in soft surfaces. In addition, some of these plastic tires have treads.

For the heavier duty carts, they have pneumatic tires; made of rubber and air-filled- like a standard car tire.


Depending on your budget, you will have different options to choose from.

Total carrying capacity

The choice for the best garden cart will be dependent on what you will be carrying around the garden. The carts have a maximum weight load that can be carried.


You need to buy a cart that will be durable. Consider your strength as well.

Best garden cart for your garden DIY to buy

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

Reasons for choosing this garden cart?

The cart is designed with a 40’ x 25’ rust resistant poly bed with steel frame. Comes in black and has 13’ tires- can withstand any terrain. Has a padded convertible D-shaped handle which can be pulled by hand or hooked behind a lawn tractor.

A large carrying capacity of 1,200 pounds meaning it would be very easy to transport gravel, heavy dirt, plants and mulch very comfortably.

Weighs 58.6 pounds

Height of 25 inches

It’s a heavy duty cart with a patented quick release dump feature. This means it would be very easy and fast to unload. Good feature especially for time saving.

It is easy to maintain and clean this type of cart.


Types of garden carts

Dump carts

Just as the name suggests, the dump carts have a larger holding capability but looks almost resembles the wheelbarrows or the utility wagons

The utility wagon

Made of four removable sides. Meaning you can easily clean the cart or carry larger objects by removing some sides. The utility wagon can be used as a flatbed by removing all the four sides.

Foldable carts

Has metal frame but the sides are made of fabric or cloth. However, you need to understand that the cart has a lower carrying capacity.

Flatbed carts

They have no sides and can be used to stack bags of fertilizers or carry larger objects like trees.


Where can the garden cart be used?

Construction sites

They must have pneumatic tires to easily walk over any type of terrain in the construction site. Cars with plastic tires cannot be used in such places.

Family days out

When you need to pack the toys, clothes and snacks, a garden trolley can be used. Alternatively, when the children get tired, they can be used to carry them.

Trade shows

Can be used for exhibition purposes, it easier to move around.

Music festivals

If you have a lot of costumes, you can use a trolley to transport them from the parking lots.


This is our main focus as we are trying to help the homeowners and landscapers with their DIY activities. Cleaning the compound, planting in the garden or transporting farm inputs are some of the common uses of the garden carts in a garden.

Landscaping your home or property can be a challenging task even though fun. For the professionals, a garden cart is one of the must have gardening tools. It becomes easier to carry shrubs without straining much of your energy as would have been the case with carrying them on your back.

If you are considering planting small trees, use a cart to carry them from the parking to the garden or planting site. On the other hand, while doing landscaping, you might need to move some stones. Some consider using a hand bucket to carry large amount of material but it is not as efficient as a garden tool.

As seen above, a garden cart is a very important garden tool for a homeowner. Getting the right one is the challenge. This guide should help you get the best garden cart for your DIY activities.

Do you have different thoughts regarding our choice for the best garden cart? Let us know in the comments section below.

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