Best electric log splitter review

A log splitter is an important tool for every homeowner. If you need to split firewood for your home use, you might consider getting an electric or manual log splitter. You don’t need to continue using the axe to split your wood while you can use a log splitter. An electric log splitter will help with getting the job done faster. You might need wood for your fireplace. Operating an electric log splitter is as easy as placing the logs on the machine. How do you ensure you get the best electric log splitter?

Depending on your needs, you might need to get either the horizontal or vertical splitters. Horizontal splitters are cheaper and can handle most of the work needed at home. On the other hand, vertical splitters can handle wide sections of tree trunks, mostly used by professionals who need a bigger machine. Using a log splitter will reduce the risks of shoulder and back pain.

We decided to try and test different electric log splitters to be able to distinguish the best electric log splitter for the purpose of this review. Comparing different factors, Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton came o top.

Best electric log splitter review

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

  • Has a splitting force of 7 tons
  • 2 HP powerful electric motor
  • Easily operated by one hand
  • Automated ram return

Can take on large projects easily. No toxic emissions, meaning the tool can be used indoors or outdoors- they are deemed to be eco-friendly. The logs are kept stable by the built-in-side rails. The front handle on the other hand allows for simplified maneuvering.

The machine is relatively quiet so you don’t have to worry about noise. Except for the screw-on lever that needs to be pushed down to engage, the unit comes assembled. You don’t have to worry about using the tool if you are completely new to this, the instructions are well detailed and easy to follow.

The wheels make it easy to haul it around. With the wheels installed, less energy will be needed to move the electric log splitter around. This mostly happens when you need to change the working location to a different spot.

You might consider getting a log splitter stand for your electric log splitter.


Observe the following safety tips when using an electric log splitter

Just like any other electric equipment, including chainsaws, make sure that the equipment is off before transporting.

Avoid overreaching. Keep firm while using the log splitter and don’t use it as a step.

Check the tool before starting to work on your logs. Check for loose nuts, screws and bolts and tighten them should you find them loose. This will reduce accidents that might be caused by loose screws, bolts and nuts.

Prevent the young ones non-authorised persons from operating the machine. This way, you will avoid accidents that might happen because of not operating the machine carefully.

Get protective gear. For your eyes, you might need to wear some  safety googles. Wear closed shoes and stay away rom open shoes and sandals. It would be nice if you didn’t wear loose fittings.

Watch what you are doing and never operate the machine while drunk or on medication. You need to have a conscious mind while operating the machine so it would be good to maintain your focus while operating the electric log splitter.

Check closely and examine every log before you work on it. Look for foreign objects including nails to protect yourself and the machine as well.

Check out your working area, they should be clean and well illuminated. You do not want to struggle with vision which might compromise your safety while working. The electric splitter should be placed on a level ground and be steady. Should the electric log splitter start moving while you are splitting wood, attach the splitter to the working surface.

When operating any machine, you need to be extremely careful and be ready for any eventuality. To prevent some accidents occurrence, most electric wood splitters some with an automatic shut off that provides extra protection. However, when operating them, observe and take keen of your work.


By observing the above safety measures, the user will reduce the occurrence of accidents to themselves as well as those people around them. Proper maintenance of your wood splitter will improve its lifeline.

The log splitter can make your work easier but need to operated with care and caution. For those guys with small amount of wood or who do not split wood on a regular basis, getting a log splitter would not be the best idea. They should however, use the manual log splitters or rent these electric log splitters.


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