Best drill press for metal

Using tools for their right job is a good practice. You need to use the tools safely and effectively to achieve the best from using the tools. We know the importance of metal drill press. A drill press for metal is not only essential for professionals but also the homeowners. My pick for the best drill press for metal would be the WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Best drill press for metal

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

What makes Wen Variable Speed Drill Press to be the best drill press for metal?

This is a machine that is used to drill or make holes through metal, plastic, wood or other materials. The machines come in different sizes and shape. The drilling machine can make holes with the drilling tool that’s fitted with cutting edges.

The machine comes with table roller extension, drill press, laser, tools for assembly, mechanical variable speed, 5/8’’ keyed chuck and key. With these, you are able to avoid guesswork and spare expensive materials.

The 2/3 hp, 5 Amp induction motor operates on 120 V, 60Hz produces enough power and torque. The motor has ball bearings for a balanced performance even at high operating speeds as well as extended life.

Able to deliver equal torque throughout the range from mechanical variable speed. Infinitely variable speed in the range of 580 – 3200 RPMS meaning from a simple turn of a lever, you can target the exact RPM- no need for pulleys and belts to change. The digital LED displays the current speed you are operating on.

Has a spindle travel of 3-1/8’’ which is easy to read and locks linear depth stop to allow accurate and repeatable drilling operations.

Can be used to power through wood, meatal, plastic and other materials.

Has the ability to drill a 5/8’’ hole through heavy duty cast iron.  The worktable bevels 45 degrees left and right for the most challenging operations to get the best right angle consistently.


Additional Features

Some of the features that I like most from this drill press for metal:

Here are some features that should help you when choosing the best drill press for metal.

Ability to adjust the depth gauge- by setting the depth adjustment knobs, you can limit the spindle from traveling to facilitate accurate and repeatable drilling sessions.

Speed display- from the LED screen display, you can read the current speed of your drill thereby knowing the exact RPM at every instance.

Extending table roller-  the table can be extended up to 17 inches to support your working piece.

Onboard worklight- use the onboard worklight to illuminate your workpiece to have enough light for visibility and precision.

Has a cast iron base that prevents wobbling and walking during the exercise with the bolt holes used to mount the drill press to a bench top of your liking. The base has predrilled holes that helps you mount onto a bench or a work stand.

How does this feature help; 12 inch swing and 3-1/8 inch stroke- you are able to drill directly through the centre of a circle. 3-1/8 inches in thickness and 12 inches in diameter.

Measures 13.5 by 36.6 by 16.8 inches

Weighs 89 pounds

The machine is well constructed with a strong frame made of cast iron- base, head and table which ensures accurate holes.

Maintaining the drilling machines

Lubricating. Always observe the manufacturer’s manual to get the best lubrication methods.

It’s always a good idea to clean the machine after every use.

Some of the precautions that you need to observe when operating a drilling machine:

Wear protective gear when operating the machines

Do not adjust anything while the machine is operating

Do not attempt to support the workplaces by hand.

Use a brush to clean away the chips left

Make sure you remove all the chuck keys and wrenches before you can start operating the machine.


Components of a metal drill press

A standard metal drill press has the following components; switch, motor, column, base, variable speed control and a pilot feed lever. With the major advancements in technology, more complex drill machines have been produced, but with ease of use.

Uses of a drill press machine

Drilling holes– most common application of a drill press machine. However, some are designed for woodworks while others are designed to work with metal.

Plumbing– the plumbers might be required to do some drilling as they are repairing the pipes. This is a very important tool for every plumber.

Deburring holes– after making the holes, you can use a drill machine to deburr the bottom of a hole which is not clear in most cases.

Metal works– used by the metal workers to create different structures needed during their operation.

Wood works– just like for the metal works, the woodworkers and carpenters might need the drill press to make holes during their operations. Also, they can be used to make detailed shapes.


As discussed above, its evidently clear that drill press for metal is not only used by professional, but also homeowners. Get your WEN 4214 12 inch Variable speed drill press today.

Let us know what you like or dislike regarding our choice for the best drill press for metal in the comments section.

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