Best drill bit sharpener for both professionals and homeowners

Best drill bit sharpener for both professionals and homeowners

Drill Doctor 750X Drill Sharpener

Why the drill doctor 750X Drill Sharpener for the best drill bit sharpener?

Can be used to sharpen different types of drill bits, from steel, cobalt, Tin Coated and masonry drill bits. They are easy to use with simple operations.

By setting an angel between 115 to 140 degrees, you can achieve custom point angel sharpening.

One can create or remove split points as well as adjustable material take off that allow you to adjust the amount of material that can be removed during sharpening.

Weighs 3 pounds

Measures 13.8 by 5.8 by 11.8 inches

You will get a carry case as well as a user guide plus instructional DVD.

Operates on 120 V

Gray and black are the colors that you might choose.

Using the Drill Bit Sharpener

Use the Drill Doctor to sharpen your dull or broken bits enabling you to work faster.  Just like other blunt tools, a blunt drill bit can take much of your time and might also compromise on quality for the end result, shorten the drill’s lifetime and damage the working materials. Should you choose to sharpen them using your hands, it would be a very cumbersome process.

Can be used to sharpen bits of all size ranges, from 3/32 to ¾ inch without minding the gauge bits.

To ensure durability, the Drill Doctor 750X comes fitted with metal split point port as well as a die-cast point angle shuttle. This tool uses a permanent magnet motor. The motor is able to produce consistent power without considering the speed or load.

The industrial-strength diamond sharpening wheel in the Drill Doctor 750X will never change shape over tome. It doesn’t heat up so there is no compromise when sharpening. The wheel can easily be replaced and can do about 200 sharpening.


With the rugged carry case, it’s so easy to transport the Drill Doctor 750X to the work place. Other items that can be stored together with the Drill Doctor in the case include; two sharpening wheels, two chucks and a storage area for small drill bits and other accessories.

With this Drill Doctor 750X, you can align the bit by simply setting it against the stop and having it locked in place. Turn the chuck an even number of half turns to sharpen the bit, but this will depend on the size of the bit. As you do the sharpening, the long jaws should hold the bit exactly in place, and the jaw guides prevents the jaw twisting on the small bits. From this secure alignment system, you are able to maintain an accurate bit geometry as well as avoiding damaging your tools’ strength.


What are the main features that you would wish for in a drill

These are some of the features that you might wish you find in the best drill bit sharpener

Dual gear mode- used to raise or drop the speed of the drill without dropping the torque or losing power.

LED work light- mostly useful in low-light surroundings.

Multiple torque settings- this way, you can achieve the desired amount of torque for the task at hand.

Additional batteries- might help especially when you have been using the drill all day.

You might either use a corded hammer drill or a cordless option depending on the task you are trying to accomplish.

Just as paintbrush is important to painting, a drill bit is very important when it comes to drilling. The drill bits can be used on wood, masonry or metal. Metal and masonry bits are of course made from harder metals than the wood bits. They have the strength to penetrate hard and tough materials.

On the contrary, the tile and glass bits are very different in design and material.

Apart from steel, drill bits can be made from other materials. The purpose of the bit will greatly affect the material used to make them. As you know very well, you cannot drill into glass using the same drill bits for metals.

Other materials used to make these drill bits includes:

Cobalt, titanium, zirconium coating, high speed steel and low and high carbon steels.


Types of drill bit:

Twist bit- this is the most common type and used for the general purpose.

Spade bits also known as paddle bit- used to make quick holes through woods and other soft materials.

Auger bits- these are similar to the twist bits but have a larger single flute that remove chips. They also have a screw tip that helps it get started and stay centered.

Forstner bits- they are flattened with a  point placed in the center to help keep it on target.

Step drill bit- they can drill holes of different sizes.

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