Best Collapsible Beach Wagon For Your Family Trip

For a family planning to go for a picnic or a beach trip, they would need a beach wagon or a folding wagon. However, they need to ensure they shop for the best collapsible beach wagon. Doing a thorough research will help you purchase an equipment that can be used over and over without getting damaged. If you’re looking for the best collapsible wagon, go for the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart.

Best Collapsible Beach Wagon For Your Family Trip

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart

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What are some of the amazing features of this collapsible beach wagon?

This beach wagon needs no set up as there is no assembly required. Within seconds, you can start using the wagon.

The MAC Sports Collapsible Beach Wagon has enough carrying capacity for your needs. The wagon can open to approximately 36.2 by 21.4 by 24.6 inches.

The extra-large wheels make it easy to transport the gear or your luggage to the your favorite event like sporting events, park picnics, beach, concerts and around the house.

The adjustable handle makes it so easy to transport using the beach wagon on multiple terrains including grass, pavement, sand and other surfaces.

Comes with 2 mesh cup holders to secure your favorite beverage and maintain them in place.

The wagon folds to 9.7 inches thick while the folded size is approximately 31.5 by 21.4 by 9.7 inches and comes with a carry case.

The design, which includes a heavy-duty frame sustains a load of up to 150lbs. This makes one of the most durable beach wagons we have in the market. The blue color makes it so appealing and good looking.

In case you don’t trust some of the equipment in the market, this collapsible beach wagon is from MAC Sports. They have been making great recreational equipment and furniture since 1993, so you have a reason to trust their quality.

One important tip though, make sure you distribute the weight evenly to prevent the cart from tipping over as you pull it through the sand. The extra-large wheels make it easy for the beach wagon to move around the beach. Some people might prefer getting the thin gripped wheels, but they get bogged down in the soft sand.

What are the considerations you need to make before purchasing a beach wagon?

Storage space and Weight capacity– choose a folding wagon that will hold and sustain the weight you will be carrying around. For a family outing, get a beach wagon that will fit the whole family’s gear and withhold the weight as well. It would make absolutely no sense to buy a beach wagon and still carry extra items in your backpack just because of insufficient space.

Terrain adaptability– the best folding wagon should withstand different terrains from your parking lot to the desired destination. They need to transverse rocky grounds with ease. Remember, you will need to move your wagon from your car at the parking space to the beach for instance. How easy will it be to manoeuvre the different  terrains? That’s the exact reason why you need to check the terrain adaptability of a beach wagon before trading it for your money.

Durability – this could be from the materials used to make the collapsible beach wagon. The frame should withhold enough weight of the luggage you will be transporting. In addition, the fabric used to make your wagon, should be durable and easy to clean. Check for the material that will be durable.

Handle style– some folding wagons have fixed handles and others are not. Choose the one that fits your use and feel more comfortable. The beach wagons with flexible handles will work for me allday.

Other features that you find in some collapsible beach wagons

Mesh cup holders– this amazing feature keeps your drink close and protects it from spilling over. Some folding wagons will have one or two cup holders.

carrying case– a carrying case allows you to fold up and store the wagon when not in use. Using a carrying case protects your wagon from damage and allows easy transport.

canopy– Just like you would need an outdoor hat to protect yourself, the canopy will be used to shield your luggage from the UV rays. Therefore, you can use the beach wagons with canopy to carry your children when they get tired and you need to keep moving.

cushioning and safety straps–  if you’re carrying children on your beach wagon, you might choose one with safety straps and cushioning. Having these additional features also ensure that your luggage is well protected. s


You need to get the best folding wagon to make your beach trip an amazing experience. Anyone looking for the best beach wagon for soft sand should go with this MAC Sports Collapsible Beach Wagon. The features of this collapsible beach wagon make it a great addition to every family that likes getting some time off their homes.

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