Best atv sprayer for your lawn

Rugged terrain requires precision, knowledge and proper equipment during the herbicide application. You might consider using the ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) or the UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicles) that offer a transporting medium for the applicators. If you are looking for the best atv sprayer for your lawn or garden needs, that prevent over-application and greater precision that reduces waste, then the Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer is the perfect choice. The atv sprayer is designed to provide the desired results for your garden, lawn, farm and for commercial projects as well.

Best atv sprayer for your lawn

Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer

Reasons for choosing the Chapin ATV Spot Sprayer as the best atv sprayer for your garden needs:

The sprayer has an optional 7 foot and 16 foot coverage spray boom kits that are available should you need.

The unit is configured to mount on your standard UTV, ATV or lawn tractor. The double filtration system ensures an extended life of the sprayer. This means that the atv sprayer will continue to serve you season after season while still in a good condition.

The manifold has pressure gauge. The maximum pressure of sprayer is 70 psi deliver a 26-foot maximum vertical spray and a 30-foot maximum horizontal system.

The UTV sprayer is designed to spray over the toughest of terrains since the tractors can manoeuvre around these terrains with ease.

The Chapin ATV Spot Sprayer has 2.0 gpm and 12-volt diaphragm pump that has quick connect alligator clips.

The chemical resistant 15-gallon tank is translucent and heavy-duty and has a 5-inch wide tank opening for quicker refilling and mixing.

The increased comfort reduces fatigue when undertaking large jobs.

Other additional features of this atv sprayer include:

  • Viton-equipped
  • Dripless shut-off
  • 19-inch brass extension wand
  • Comes with 15-foot ratchet straps

One of the most disappointing things after purchasing a product is lack of customer support. On the good side, this atv sprayer has a great customer service and plenty of useful information can be found online.


What should you look for when buying an atv sprayer?

When you need to buy an atv sprayer, what are some of the factors that you need to look out for. Factors like what you will be spraying, your frequency of spraying and where you will be spraying will help you to choose the type of sprayer system you will need.

What you will be spraying will determine the type of nozzle you need and the pressure pump. The frequency of spraying will help get the most durable type out there in the market. Lastly, where you will be spraying determines the type of attachments needed. Boomless nozzle should be ideal when spraying on rough terrains. They can be used to spray either right, left or both to provide the best coverage.

Other factors to put into consideration include:

Drainage– the best tanks are sloped to help with drainage. For those tanks without the drainage, you will get an extra job on cleaning the should you need to change the chemical types.

Algae resistant– the best atv sprayer should have a tank designed to stop the growth of algae. For a tank that  has see-through sidewalls and has the sprayer sitting in the sun, algae will start to grow at some point. Choose a translucent or a solid color for this case.

Pressure control– get a sprayer that you can control the boom pressure from the UTV. You do not want to get out of the utv to adjust pressure.

Spray attachments– the best utv sprayer should give the user the liberty and freedom to change the boom attachments at will.

Ease of use– you need to lift the UTV sprayer and place it on the UTV bed with ease. Therefore, get one with forkable points. There is no one who would want to purchase an atv sprayer that’s complicated to use. The best atv sprayer should be easy to use.



Stability and safety are the two main considerations when purchasing an applicator. Most people want an equipment with a low center of gravity and a wide wheel base- which will reduce the chances of a roll-over.

UTVs can carry a large payload as compared to an ATV.  UTVSs have edged the ATVs on safety features for the applicator- these include roll bars, seat belts, windshield and safety netting on the doors, larger payload, ability to carry more than one person, ability to maintain a consistent speed and the ease to steer and spray when using a hand gun.

The spray tanks can take the form of different shapes- rectangular and cylindrical being the most common.

An important point to note though, the rack capacity on either an UTV or ATV, should never be exceeded, as this would compromise on the stability of the applicator as you’re spraying.

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