How to get the best gazebo for your backyard

How to get the best gazebo for your backyard

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a pavilion structure often built in a garden, park or spacious public area. They are freestanding and usually opened on one side roofed structures. Getting a gazebo would be the best way to bring your patio or garden to life.

Gazebo accessories

Lets focus on the accessories that you might need for your gazebo garden.

Gazebo lights

Hanging gazebo lights.

With the lights fitted, you can relax outdoors in the evening or night. You can continue to entertain guests even when the darkness gets in. the type of lighting needed will depend with the occasion at hand. For parties, bright lights are the best option while diffused accent lighting would be the bet for relaxation purposes.

The most common types of lights include the solar powered lights, battery powered lights and electrical lights. Lights for your garden gazebo comes in different designs. Light up your gazebo to provide enough light for you and your guests, provide safety along the dark walkways and provision of warm ambience.

Get an electrician to help you with installing the gazebo lights. Also, ensure the bulbs you are using outside are rated for outdoor use.

Hanging gazebo lights.String gazebo lights

LED solar string, solar lanterns and solar rope lights are some of the hanging gazebo lights to try out. Hanging lamps can be used to illuminate a dark corner.

String gazebo lights.

They are hang and suspended like twinkling stars. They are usually attached to the walls, columns, trees and beams. Smaller bulbs are the most popular in the hanging lights. The color of the bulbs will depend on the occasion. Colorful bulbs are ideal for special occasions while shell shaped bulbs will do for a beach house.

Solar gazebo lights.

Suitable for people who want to conserve electricity. Place the lights where they can get a lot of sunlight. They can be in the form of solar spotlights, solar lanterns, solar garden rock lights, solar pathway lights.

Gazebo chandelier

Those who cannot use the solar lights or battery-operated lights, then the alternative would be electrical lights. Apart from gazebo chandelier, here are some alternatives for consideration; hanging lights, wall lanterns, globe lamps, lantern lights and string lights.

Gazebo light ideas

Chandeliers and pendants

One option would be trying out the crystal chandeliers. Alternatively, pendant lights with shades can be used to lighten up the gazebo.

Fairy lights

Even though they are mostly used during Christmas, they can be hung all year. Twine them around the gazebo’s posts and handrails to achieve a beautiful display. s

Sparkle balls

Its very simple to make sparkle balls at home should you decide against buying one. They are hang from the gazebo’s ceiling and can use either colored or white lights.

LED ribbons or Tape lights

Can be attached to the gazebo through an adhesive backing. The tape lights are cool to touch and come in a rainbow of colors.

Pop up gazebo

If you are not looking for a permanent structure, then you might consider the pop up gazebo. They have the ability to collapse to a portable size. They are easy to erect and disassemble. When erecting or disassembling one, make sure to follow the instructions to avoid pinching yourself as the moving parts open up and close. Two people are needed to erect a pop up gazebo. When storing, make sure the canopy and wall are dry.

Gazebo curtains

Homeowners have the option of buying either the ready to install curtains or make their own. Gazebo curtains will help:

Block the sun. if the sun is too hot and you want to block the excess heat, use a heavier and darker fabric. A lighter material will not protect the heat, ending up disappointed.

Enhance a mood. Bring out the outdoor living using the use of outdoor gazebos.

Create privacy. If you wish to have a private room, you might consider getting a curtain. Choose a heavier fabric to protect you from the disturbances that you might experience, either during the day or at night.

Gazebo roof

With the roof, you are making an outdoor living room. You will never have to worry about rain or wind in your gazebo as you entertain your friends or relax with the family. Metal, plastic, glass and wood are the common materials used for roofing materials. Metal roofing is the most common thanks to its durability.

Gazebo fan

Why would you need fan while you’re in the open air? Well, an outdoor fan will help circulate the stagnant, hot summer air. Outdoor ceiling fans have UL rating which dictates and guides the user how much water the fan can be exposed to while outside. The three types of ceiling fans include:

Dry rated ceiling fans. These are not meant for outside as they get damaged easily when used outdoors.

Wet rated ceiling fans. Perfect for use outside thanks to the water resistant and all-weather tolerance. You don’t have to worry about corrosion or rust.

Damp rated ceiling fans. These fans need to be used in covered outdoor areas.

This information should help you get the right gazebo ceiling fan.

Gazebo frame

Common materials used for gazebos include:

  • Canvas- they are affordable and versatile.
  • Metal- can be aluminium, wrought iron or steel. Aluminium frames are lightweight and relatively cheaper. They require minimal maintenance and can last for long.
  • Wooden- cedar and redwood are popular. They do however, require more maintenance together with a waterproof sealant to keep them free of insects.
  • Vinyl- easy to maintain and long lasting.

Majority of the gazebo reviews favor the wooden gazebos for different reasons.

Gazebo hot tubs.

Gazebos with hot tubs can either be open air or fully enclosed. Open air gazebo do not offer much privacy as some have the four corners posts and the roofing. Fully enclosed gazebo offer maximum privacy.

Gazebos can be decorated using climbing plants, vines and water features.

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